24 Genius Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall

Genius Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall (4)

Don’t think your decorating should be huge in regards to how to deal with the area over the television. If you wish to continue to keep your television hidden when not being used, think about a TV armoire. One of the greatest places for large parts of artwork is above the television.

24 Genius Ways To Decorate Your TV Wall

You may also utilize magnetic paint rather than the chalkboard paint. If you decide on fabric, you can hang floor-to-ceiling length curtain panels across the whole wall, or you’re able to upholster it. Begin at the bottom which is easiest, and make sure first board is perfectly level otherwise the entire wall is going to be asked.

Among the challenges with a massive bedroom wall is that there’s an expanse of space that could affect the feel of a room if left undecorated and bare. If you would like to earn a bold statement for your living and dining space, that’s certainly the thing to do. When you’re a movie buff, acquiring a media room in your house provides the perfect spot to watch your favorite films.

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